Canon C500 Camera Package For Sale





  • Camera Body

  • Top Handle w/ Mic Holder

  • Canon monitor w/ xlr Inputs

  • side Terminal cover

  • 4x - Lexar professional 64gb cF cards (UDMA 7)


camera cage

  • Redrock Micro ultraCage Black

  • Redrock Micro ultraCage Top Handle

  • 2x - Redrock Micro 6” Carbon Fiber 15mm Rods 

  • 2x - SmallRig 8” Carbon Fiber 15mm Rods

  • Redrock 15mm microMount

  • Redrock 15mm Mounting Spud

  • Smallrig Cold Shoe Rail Clamp for 15mm Rod


external recorder/monitor

  • Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q w/ Canon Raw Upgrade

  • Nebtek Mounting Cage

  • P-Tap to Odyssey 7q Power Cable

  • Odyssey 7q AC Power Adapter

  • 2x - 3G-SDI Cables

  • 2x - Convergent Design 512GB SSDs

  • 2x - Samsung 850 PRO 256GB SSDs

  • Firewire to Thunderbolt SSD Reader

  • USB 3.0 SDD Reader 



  • 2x - Canon BP-975 Batteries (7350mAh)

  • 2x - Canon BP-970G Batteries (7200mAh) 

  • Canon CA-940 AC Power Adapter

  • Canon CG-940 Battery Charger

  • 2x - Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Logic Interactive w/ RealTime Display Batteries

  • Anton Bauer Tandem Charger/Power Supply (part #8475-0067)

  • Anton Bauer QRC-CA940 Gold Battery Mount Bracket

  • Vocas Battery Adapter Plate for 15mm Rails


About the camera:


  • camera is in great shape & in perfect working order

  • 85% of use has been in Redrock Micro Camera cage

  • I keep it in the camera cage and stored inside a pelican case when not in use.

  • has been my a-camera since upgrading from the canon c100mk2

  • great value - brand new this camera package with all included accessories was around $30,000+

  • comes with everything you need to operate camera with both monitors while recording in 4K Raw to Odyssey recorder and 1080p internally at the same time

  • Also comes with my DIY external camera fan that will run off of the anton bauer battery mount to keep the camera cool & the internal camera fans off during long interviews or hot weather


about the seller:

VSCO Cam-1-4.jpg


Hey, My name is Chris Francis.  

I am the owner of Rosedale in San Diego, CA.  I am a producer and cinematographer and am a huge fan of canon cameras Ever since I bought my first Canon 7d. I've owned or operated almost all of the Canon Cinema EOS line of cameras & this c500 kit has been my a-camera package.  

This camera has been great to use and coming from the C100mkii previously, the footage blows me away.

The size and shape was perfect for allowing me to use a camera of this quality with smaller & more affordable accessories like my Easyrig minimax (15lbs max) and even my Ronin-M (C500 fit nice and snug).  

When working on larger studio shoots it was nice to have all of the professional features that come with this camera like timecode input, 3 sdi outputs + hdmi output for wireless video feeds, monitors for the AC & client monitors, etc.  Having the camera housed inside the redrock micro cage also allowed the camera to be built up with tons of accessories with absolutely no strain or wear on the camera itself.

if you have any questions about the camera package, feel free to email me at